Premium Doodler 3D Pen SL-300

$58.46 $78.46

💥Premium Doodler 3D Pen SL-300💥

The USB charging mechanism ensures that you can use accessories such as power banks or a direct socket to conveniently charge your doodler 3d pen whenever and wherever you need to. This makes the SL-300 a mobile 3D pen which makes it a perfect gift for both adults and kids. There is also the LED light that displays status for temperature, speed, and material type. The SL-300  3D art pen has a simple handheld design. The design makes it convenient for young and mature hands alike.

SL-300 Doodler 3D Pen Features:

1.USB-DC powered by power bank or adapter.

2.Support:PLA/ABS filament.

3.1-8 digital extruded grades on speed control.

4.Temperature adjustable.

5.LED screen showing working mode.

6.Non-blocked & replaceable nozzle.



Adapter Type: EU/US/AU
Product name: 3D printing pen
Screen: LCD
Materials: PLA & ABS
Speed: 1-8 speed
Color: Black, white, blue, green
Warranty: 12 months
Power input: DC5V 2A 10W
Power input of adapter: 100/250V 2A
Temperature: controllable temperature
Intent: Education, DIY, Technology, Commerce, Design

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