cartoon girl wears facemask-shipping truck

 Right now (April 6th, 2021), packages are being delivered as per their usual arrival dates (12-30 days in most cases). However, please do understand that there can be some delays in arrivals due to COVID-19.


 Also, since the warehouse team is practicing social distancing, it is highly likely that if you order multiple items, they will be shipped in DIFFERENT PACKAGES. It also means you might get various tracking numbers. We want to ensure that our warehouse team is also safe from the COVID, so we are taking the necessary precautions on our end as well. 

 We are doing everything we can to ensure the continued sanitization of all our products and facilities. Our team is committed to staying healthy and helping our customers stay healthy, too.


 We appreciate you and do ask for your patience on this matter. We are now dealing with holiday shipping, and we are still in a pandemic, so there is a possibility that items could arrive later than usual. 

 🌹Thanks, Stay well!